Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Entrepreneurship - Game of Chess or Chase!

This is piece of imaginative writing drawing comparisons with real experiences. Yes, its abt entrepreneurship and specifically for first timer from first time drawing comparisons from characters of game of chess.

Before I start here is some improvization in the context!
How many roles a entrepreneur must play,
Before you call him an entrepreneur,
The answer my friend is blowing in the wind,
The answer is blowing in the wind!
                               - Bob Dylan - Verse extended in context of entrepreneurship

Here is the original & famous song :

Let the game of chess and chase begin. 
1) Pawn 
You are star, you are a leader, you have to fight and win battles yourself. You have shown the courage to start on your own but still you are lame pawn. Do you have enemy? No you particularly in your own world, toying with your own ideas, only person can kill you or your venture is you yourself, it might be out of boredom or you do suicidal steps.

2) Group of Pawns

You bring along other pawns after you are able to survive 1st step and successfully bring along other pawns. Do you have enemy? Still no, you practice with your teammates and may have some opponent pawn for a small practice fights. There is high risk that you and your team can self destroy with petty fights or differences.
3) You be a knight 

You emerge as a leader of small group of pawns. Now there may be other threats might be lurking where you may get stumped due to financial management getting new pieces in your army. Your aim is to move ahead to get other sub pieces like rook, knight and move ahead to role of king/queen or bishop.

4) You be a king or queen or  Bishop 

Nnow you are in top leadership. You can go for kill using your special skills. Or get killed in goose chase of hockey stick graph. :) Lot to write here but will write in my spare time.

5) Go Buddha! Detach!

Come out of execution, let experts take the ship ahead, you be a helper and beneficiary. 

You be a chess player and all the pawns are under your mercy. #investor or #board. But thing is that you cant go to step 5 directly without doing aboves 4 steps, in real life.

Story can be improvized or may have some gaps, but its first cut. I will keep it updated.