Saturday, April 28, 2007

Early Bird Entrepreneur's life..

" you will get some crazy idea and you think this ideas is going to change the world..this idea will make peoples life easier…it will make them richer..
And finally it will make you famous and Richest person on the earth…so you will spend plenty of time thinking about that idea.. You will concentrate on that idea leaving behind all the works you have in your can’t sleep in the nights and you can’t stop urself from dreaming about great Future of yours…you will think all the non practical consequences of you idea…then some current lifesaving work will hit upon you so that you can’t follow your idea and after some days you will again think of that idea and you will find that ideas is quite useless….Everything is finished you have lost 2-3 nights good sleep …you will be in dark of depressions cursing your own destiny and some missed chances and crashed dreams "

this is the note i wrote, sometime in past when i got frustruted with new ideas coming into my mind each day and making my day-to-day life nightmare to live.
as i thought this would be useless things i am doing , but indeed now I did realized that is actually nice practice to develop concrete ideas only I should not think of idea of materializing the idea into reality as most of the time those ideas are out of time. and like my friend satya's favourite saying "each dog has his day" ..."each idea will have its day"...actually I am now using a web 2.0 product which is in alpha stage for archiving my ideas and i am finding its fulfilling my needs.

Friday, April 13, 2007

semore to sandipmore

so story goes like this...
I started blogging in my third project manager at my summer internship wanted me to publish my technical learnings on the web. at that time blogging was not that populer. also it was new to me. I created blog with for publishing as per manager's suggestion but didn't published anything on that.
after 3 years again I decide to start a blogging and then I tried to get as webaddress but as it was already registered by me previously, also I did forgot my account name and password. I couldn't use that.
so today I was free and just trying things able to hack into my old account....

so I got my true identity back ....

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Does this make Sense?

Sandip: hi
Pradeep: yo
Sandip: mere dimag me ek theory aaya aaj..
Pradeep: bata
Sandip: how much efforts you put and how much output you achieves seems to be constant across all the people
phd wala research karta hi rehta hai
karta hi rehta hia
tabhi kuch 10 -20 saal baad kuch useful thing bahar aati hai
aur koi normal banda roj kuch chota chota kaam
karta rehta hai..
aur usko roj ki rojiroti usi kaam se milti hai..
Pradeep: par output barabar kahan hua
Sandip: aur kya
cumulative output liya to
barabar hi ho jayega..
Pradeep: par second aadmi ne sirf rozi roti kamayi
pehle aadmi ne rozi roti ke saath kuchh useful bhi kiya
Sandip: usne roji roti nahin kamayii
usne jo output diya
uske liye usko rojiroti mili
agar usne woh output nahin diya hota to
usko rojiroti nahin milti
Pradeep: kayi baar aisa bhee toh hota hai ki sum of parts is greater than the parts
sahi bola
Sandip: mein soch..
raha tha ki
jo bhi great discoveries/ya bhi solid work which can only be
achieved after working long term
as its not atall possible to achieve it thinking at short term
Pradeep: haan
Sandip: so its like energy is getting accumulated in that particular person..
till all that energy comes out with that final achievement...
which requires much more efforts..although
and the person
who does daily works..releases energy in him ..regularly..
Pradeep: haan..par long term wala bechara bhi toh roz hi kaam kar raha hai na
Sandip: but jabtak final output is not meaningful
his daily work don't have a value at all..
see the cricket team..
they have to perform in a final world cup
they didn't performed
so whatever work they do inbetween carried zero value..
Pradeep: hehe
sahee bola
Sandip: the final output is overshadows the work you did meanwhile.
aur in this case..success and failures which is the
only measure of output..
Pradeep: waah..abey sahee theory hai
book-vook lihh daal
Sandip: abhi apun yeh discussion blog me dalega..
Pradeep: seminars kar school colleges mein jaake
Sandip: heeheheheh
Pradeep: :D
Sandip: waise bhi blog likhne me kuch milta hi ch nahin