Thursday, July 24, 2008

Anamika on Orkut :)

So when Everyone here in India was worried about trust vote on 22 July 2008, even I was curious about the result and infact I wanted UPA to win the trust vote and they won :) but here in pune 3 of us were chatting about some other major situation on skype, which was initially disturbing for me but became quite amusing later, as is very much related to orkut :) and in the end was reason to remove smiling, smart, cute, beautiful and dashing pic of mine :)) from orkut profile.

so story goes as follows,

On the day of 22nd, maahi was as usual busy with managing his social life on orkut, suddenly in this friends list, he amused and wondered by an unsual thing on his friends list, what was it?

It was a picture of pretty girl, which is not usual for a seedha saadha guy like maahi which he didnt acquinted with to be on his friends list and he got more amused with picture was my profile picture. so excitedly he messaged dear bhola and put scraps to me asking who is she? is this your girlfriend? and bhole messaged me on skype telling me about this unusual thing which on any day, he would not have dreamed that I would have a girlfriend and more to that I would make it public in such a way, setting up a pic of her on my profile on social networking site, like orkut. and on any given day I wont. he guessed it should be some hacking attempt on my orkut account. as she was not my girlfriend who was she, I name it her as Anamika for the reason all knows.

Here is she on maahi's account.

and adding to confusion I tried to log on to, it was not showing me my profile page and also not allowing me to logout. We thought it can be hacking case, but I could log into my other google accounts so it was not that sort of thing. fearing that it might be some nasty picture, I asked bhola and he sent me a screenshot, and I said, "Not bad!!!" she was quite pretty. I again and again tried to log on to orkut it didnt allowed me, finally I gave up and told bhola also to take it easy, somehow he seemed much more disturbed with this thing than me,

reason of it as I guess might be some new things like data migration which orkut might be trying at database level to improve performance or they might have tried to implement shards and failed at it. so I let it go.

but on second day, I think orkut dev guys fixed bugs, I was able to log in and got to the profile with apology from orkut about mess up with my profile pic, with telling me that my profile pic is restored but i couldnt see my profile pic.

here is pic restored message,

infact it took one more day for to appear smiling, smart, cute, beautiful and dashing pic of mine :))

In my mind I thanked some unknown dev guy from google for fixing bug with my profile, as I couldnt thank them as they dont have any easy to find feedback form :)). God knows, may be they are trying to become self-assuming gods which you can only connect with prayers.

But she didnt go, she came back and this time she appeared on my profile page again today. however pretty this anamika was, I just removed my profile pic from orkut, so you just see some arbit default image as on my profile on instead of, I bet you remember that ...smiling, cute, dashing etc etc pic of mine.

Here she comes again...

its look like it was some orkut maitenance updates.

so uploaded new photo on orkut, courtesy bhola.

Monday, July 21, 2008

adding image

testing whether I can put image pointing nonblogger site

yes i can

Thursday, July 03, 2008