Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Harishchandra gad in winter

So harishchandra gad longtime wish to visit HC gad in winter.
as last time we went in monsoon and we couldnt see much from top and that was like we went running to top and came down running. but that was different fun, trekking in heavy rain.
but Trekkin in winter was chill experience too. actually i can say it was mismanaged affair, none of the thing we planned did go well, starting from catching bus to nashik till we came back but its altogether different fun of making decisions when everything goes wrong and I think in every trek I experienced same thing but this was peak..
excerpts are like this..
getting into crowded bus then waiting for 2 hrs at strange place called aale phata and eating whatever we can get at that strange place then getting into a bus with our lives on stakes of bus drive who should better be in F1 race rather than recruited to run a state transport bus..such horrible was that drive...then walking 6-7 km at 1am in night and sleeping (or say trying to let time go in midst of ranjank's deadly snores)for 2 hrs...then starting for trek at 4.30 in the morning half sleep condition ...then that superb feelings of being at top of the world after reaching to
taramati point and fun at konkan kada. and who can forget never ending journey back to base village...and most crazy thing I did with rakesh when we were in no condition that I cant even take next step with soaring lengs, then somehow I asked rakesh, "can he run?" then he didn't believe , asked me again, i confirmed , we started running ..and we ran damn more than 1 km, I think I could have run any distance to return to khubi phata..

you can read
Jignesh's blog for details...

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lot to write about this trek...but for now just enjoy photos...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Long time no see....

got enthu to write something after clearly found reason to write.
so while browsing i came across 2 interesting opensource softwares. one assists blind people to use computer. when installed and enabled it, reads out the text on windows.
can be found at.

other amusing thing I found is a software which when installed on windows, let you type in your natural language like marathi, bengali. it was absolute delight for me when
I typed my name in marathi on my orkut profile.

the software can be downloaded from

enjoy..and diwali wishes to readers.