Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rich man's story

Rich man was poor man 10 yrs back
He fought with his fate
He dropped out from school
He started with renting out auto rikshas
He then shifted to construction business
He got all political links at place
He loved a girl, eloped to marry with her
He became rich in no time
He built a dream palace like house
He goes to the work by his own chopper
and here we see him everyday from our terrace with awe.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Monday, April 14, 2008

Dada or not Dada

This is about Saurav Ganguli..the cricketer I loved and admired most till now..
Actually I am not fervent viewer of cricket, and when I was terrific tv watcher during my school days, cricket was favourite thing to watch..although I used to
watch anything that doordarshan people used to show. even regional movies..or sports like kabbadi or athletics...some sports..during these tv frenzy days our cricket team never performed well, always watched them going down to
africans, aussies or west after debacle in 96 worldcup , things faces like dravid and ganguly came in to the team, both had kind of style which I
liked...though I used to follow Dravid as he was most stylist and technically solid batsmen I ever seen, personally I loved ganguly as way he used to compete with tendulkar in opening partenerships and way he used to hit big sixes to murali. I never paid attention to his other abilities like fielding. I loved him because India was winning nad thats what was important. people used to criticize him sayin that he plays for himself. though I never able see why people say that..but indeed i loved funda of playing for yourself if your team is winning then whats harm in ganguly became a captain and indian team started winning overseas. then in 2003 world cup, we reached to final. then came Greg chappell though gangule brought him, somehow that guy wanted ganguly out. and they made dravid captain and taking ganguly out of team. I was kind of hurt because my favourite player was out and reason was they wanted to build a team for next world cup and they did something silly things in between, they succeeded in winning few games then failed miserably..and even dada made comeback.
although he did scored well in most of the matches he played...but that was missing....and till now I dont find it in him.
I think all these things are related to real youth which can be seen now in batting of Rohit sharma or even gambhir...
and thats why i think dada should take retirement from cricket...and That exit should be honourable. Prince of kolkatta should retire. because we can not see someone like greg chappel to come again and take you out without having any aukad but have authority to do so..

The kind of attitude he has, he can do it any other fields of life (though he didnt do any special on cricket field [ing] )
may be he can do something in sports manangement field