Thursday, October 29, 2009


Why is this writeup?
brother, to tell you that this is not that difficult and its good thing to have in your code.

Log4net package is used for logging in for more you read wiki.

1) Download Zip file using Wget. there would be good chance that it will unzip. Got this after downloading using Firefox/IE/Safari on Mac. downloaded zip file was corrupted always. finally downloading using wget worked on mac and windows both.

2) log4net usage.
its quite simple and standard
things to checkout before you get frustrate and giveup.
a) Download zip using wget and get proper dll file and add it as a reference.
b) Add line in assemblyinfo file which tells that configuration for log4net is stored in Web.config
c) add proper config info in Web.config file which you can find easily on internet.


Why is this writeup?
Brother, to tell you something abt art of living, Jai gurudev :)

Did YES+ course in bangalore koramangala...
Talk by Rashmin was quite funny...they created big excitement around bawa but he didnt come...many heart-breaks..
banni hundaga and hundagis and vellaya..added words to kannada vocab...

thanks to kaykay and suman and volunteers...
to clear your mind...

And not to forget...
Dont get high on your own supply!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halwe pe blog to banta hai...

This blog is especially written for people who has tested tasty Suzee ka halwa at our place (list is bit long even we dont know names of people whom we served this delicious dish). if you find it crazy, then its Crazy, To understand this crazyness, you need to eat Halwa at our house, And you are welcome to our house anytime, Any one from us can make Halwa in just 5 minutes.

Who We Are : dhan ten nan
Our Place: HSR, Bangalore

Title Song:
Halwa yeh Halwa..
Suzee ka hai yeh halwa
Breakfast me khate hia halwa
Dinner me khate hai halwa
Subah sham khate hia hum yeh halwa..
Shudh Desi ghee se banta hai yeaaaaaaaahhhhhh...
(on tunes of Jalwa song from Fashion, courtesy Narayan (Nari))

It only takes 2 things to serve a Halwa...a Big Heart and a Halwa...

You can not eat your halwa and keep it too.

You can not eat your halwa yourself.

You can not eat your halwa in others plate.

Halwe ki nadiyan bahegi ab...Nana patekar style

Pyar nahin kiya aur Halwa nahin khaya/khilya to kya kiya jindagi me..

At Resto: Do you want any deserts?
SPSingh: Hum Hamara desert khud banake khate hia... aap bhi aa jao halwa khane gharpe..

There are 2 kinds of people in this world: One who eat halwa and others who dont...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Installing Microsoft visual studio 2005 for ASP.NET

Why is this writeup?
- Brother, it will save you lot of time.

Microsoft visual studio 2005 setup on Windows Server 2003
Step 1. first install MVS 2005 - 8.0
Step 2. install hotfix to let service pack install properly
Step 3. download service pack and install it - VS80sp1-KB926601-X86-ENU.exe
Step 4. “c:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe /Setup”.

Step 2 is required for Service Pack 1 to install properly.
Step 3 is to get ASP.Net web application template to be installed and other things. which is needed to create ASP.NET website project.
Step 4.
This command will flush the Visual Studio template cache and ensure that the projects work correctly.


I was puzzled as to what I would say to you about love. Love is so difficult to describe.
I could just come and sit - if it could be glimpsed in my eyes perhaps that would be it, or if it could be felt in the gestures of my hands, you could have seen it and I could say: This is love.

But what is love?

If it is not seen in my eyes, if it is not felt in the movements of my hands, then what it is can certainly never be felt through my words.

-- Osho
excerpts "From Sex to Superconsciousness"