Thursday, February 23, 2012

Unsubscribing Hathway Internet Connection

How to Remove Hathway connection.

1) Pay pending bills if any
2) Disconnect Modem and Remove modem from wire
3) Take modem with you to Hathway center
4) Ask the guy to make entry in Hathway CRM.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Game of Real Estate - Rental Market Tricks

Since last 2 years fortunately or unfortunately, I spent lots of time in searching and hiring rental flats/office space. It was specifically in Mumbai and Pune.  I also stayed in Hyderabad in 2004-06, at that time there were not need of agents as rents were pretty low, we used to pay 4k for 2bhk+waiting room  and normally House owners use to put up boards on building itself telling about rent.

In early 2006, I had to search for home in Vashi, Mumbai. Scene at that time was, builders relative was looking after that building so it was difficult bypass  him but rent was just 6k for 2 bhk so again It was not issue paying brokerage.

But after 5 years in 2011-2012, picture is pretty different, rents are skyrocketed everywhere.
In Mumbai, In area like gorai and anand nagar in Dahisar, every building has a office of agent.
Single flat is shown by multiple brokers :)

Brokerage business is at its prime, Many of brokers own cars in Pune, instead of bikes as they used to.
And they demand 2 months rent as brokerage. Trick behind this is normally 3-4 brokers are involved with 1 flat so every one of them need to get respectable share of income. so they normally dont negotiate on brokerage.

Here are some of quirkiness of brokers and dont believe them

1) Even if there are lots of properties available, broker will first tell you that there are almost no flats are available or they will give you options of just 2-3 flats.

2) If you went to broker well in advance for say 2 months, He will not at all cooperate with you, as you are not needy, he cant play games with you as you are at comfort.

3) If you are looking space for Office, Owners and Brokers will tell you that Office is very lucky for previous owners and whoever rents this space, grows with no Limit.

4) There is always space for negotiations with broker, Its easy to convince broker than Owner as for broker its onetime income while for owner its yearly income.

5) If you like some flat or space, Owners will tell you that there is one more party interested in said flat/space and some will add a punch that other party is offering more. also he will tell you that they want good people. This is trick to stop you from negotiations.

6) Specially in Pune, Many flat owners are Mumbai investors, They try to play game with Mumbai Rules, so dont get into their talks.. for example they will ask you high rent and 6 months rent as a deposit, which is normal in Mumbai but Pune rules are different. its 2-3 months of rent as deposit

7) Trick is to Fix your Budget for rent and tell Broker budget 10% lower. Contact multiple brokers, make sure that they are not connected to each other.

8) Most important is Dont Giveup and Commit early on deciding on some flat/office space, always borrow some time from owner to think whether it is satisfying most of your requirements like locality, rent, transportation, water, electricity, internet.

9) Following sites are good for Getting flat ads directly from owners:
    a) Quikr
    b) Sulekha
    c) Magic Bricks
    d) Anand Property listing (very good)
    e) Olx

Happy Searching and All the best.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

How to calculate Marketing Budget - Grabowski Ratio

Some one asked a interesting question about calculating Marketing budget.
Whether you are Startups or established Big Company, Marketing is important aspect of business.
It is  qualititive, not quantitive. We can not easily measure the effects of Marketing and budget.

I hit this document through quora and found it quite interesting.

here is summary, which I understood,
a) Invest more in Marketing (exclusive of Promotional and selling) than in Engineering
b) At Early stage of Product development, One should allot budget in ratio of 1:1 for Market Research and Engineering.
c) Low ratio will lead to failure
d) How much is More Marketing?
     Marketing is defined as a upfront process that comes before the product is ready. (Promotion and selling comes after product is ready)
e) More Marketing is qantified into recommendation that technology based enterprises invest more than one dollar in marketing for each dollar invested in engineering

f) Marketing/Engineering Investment ratio > 1

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Planned Skyscrapers, Mumbai, India

India Tower, at Marine Lines 125 floors (on Hold)

World One, Worli India, 117 floors (under Construction)

Orchid Crown, Prabhadevi (under construction)

Group Buying - Real Estate

Some Popular group buying portals: ( Delhi, Hyderbad, Mumbai, Bangalore)

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Cruelty with Python (Azgar)

Today morning I got shocked scene at bus stop. Normally I travel to office by Bike, but today I thought of  travelling by bus. When I approaching busstop, I noticed one long wood in half-burnt state. but when I reached near, I found out that it is not wood but brutally killed python. His mouth was beaten till death..and body half burnt.

It was shocking... I dont know why someone has to kill it. They easily couldhave called up SGNP authorities to catch this wild beast and take it to release him in jungle.

Shame on those people who kill snakes, out of fear.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Poonam Haveli - Udaipur

This is just acknowledgment to Poonam haveli for making our stay in Udaipur pleasant.

This hotel is just walking distance from City Palace and Bagore ki haveli.

Also Hotel Manager is very knowledgable person, will help you in your all sightseeing.

Normally foreigners stay in this haveli, but it didnt seem problem for us as  staff was good.

Poonam Haveli
Hotel & restaurant
39, Lal ghat, Udaipur,
Rajasthan, India


Mobile: 9828112828

Rates :

1) Ground floor: 800 Rs per day.

2) 2nd floor with Lake View: 1200 Rs.

2G Scam explained - India - summary - part 1

All companies, who bought 2G licenses, combinely paid the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology's telecommunications division Rs. 10,772 crores.

The amount of money expected for this licensing by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India was Rs. 176,000 crore

Here are 2G license deals

1) Unitech bagged licence for Rs.1661 crore.
    sold 60 % stake in wireless division to Telenor for  Rs.6200 crore,
    Unitech valuation rose to  Rs.10,333 crores.

2) Tata paid Rs 1600 crores to get licenses -  
 DoCoMo the go-ahead to buy 27.31% stake in TTSL (Tata Teleservices) for Rs.12,924 crores.
and  12% stake worth Rs. 570 crore in TTML.  total =  Rs.13,494 crores.
 TTSL valuation Rs. 47,866 crores

Source: MediaName

3) Swan bought licenses for Rs.1,537 crores, 
UAE's Etisalat acquired a 45% stake in Swan Telecom for  Rs.9,000 crores,
Swan(Rcom) valuation becomes Rs.20,000 crores
- making the DB Group firm the first of the new mobile licensees to have made a killing. Swan valuations 

- 10 times
Source : Economic Times

4) Shyam Telelink paid Rs 1,626.32 crore to get 21 licenses.

Sistema in-principle agreed to buy 10% of the company for $11.4 m (Rs 45 crore) valuing thecompany at Rs 450 crore. 
 Govt of Russia) paid Rs 2,699 crore to get 17.14% of the company (Annexure-G) ; thus 
valuing the company at Rs 15,750 crore

source firstpost

This pictures clearly shows Indian businesses were clearly gained from this, and loss of revenue for government.

Next post about Involvement of politicians in 2g Scams.

List of cancelled licenses

2G scam details on Wikipedia