Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year 2012

Have a Blast on New Year Eve but

Dont Drink and Drive! Dont Drink and Walk either!

Drink but Dont Drive, let Driver drive and dont let him drink :)

Foggy days... foggy nights
nothing is clear all is white
Light all candles ... and vanish all dark
to Wish all "A Happy New Year"
as soon as you its 12 o'clock.


One more goes down..

"One more goes down.." can be used for year 2011 passing by as well as many of google services.

Now  Google Health service is closing down. At the expense of useless google+, many of google services closing down. 

In their blog, google says
Now, with a few years of experience, we’ve observed that Google Health is not having the broad impact that we hoped it would. There has been adoption among certain groups of users like tech-savvy patients and their caregivers, and more recently fitness and wellness enthusiasts. But we haven’t found a way to translate that limited usage into widespread adoption in the daily health routines of millions of people. That’s why we’ve made the difficult decision to discontinue the Google Health service.

Can we expect same paragraph for Google+?, few years down the line,

Now, with a few years of experience, we’ve observed that Google+ is not having the broad impact that we hoped it would. There has been adoption among certain groups of users like tech-savvy google employees. But we haven’t found a way to translate that limited usage into widespread adoption. That’s why we’ve made the difficult decision to discontinue the Google+ service.

I preferred Picasa over Flickr but Now with G+ integrated Picasa, I dont want to use Picasa with so much social angle to it.

An email from google : - 

This is an important Google Health service announcement. You are receiving this email because you have an active Google Health account.

As we announced earlier this year, the Google Health service will be discontinued as of January 1, 2012. After that date, you will no longer be able to access Google Health, and 3rd-party services that you have linked to your Google Health profile(s) will no longer be able to send data to or receive data from those profile(s).

If you want to keep using the data you have stored in Google Health, we strongly recommend that you take action before the end of the year to download it or transfer it to another online health service. We've made this easy for you. All you have to do is:
- go to the Google Health site at
- log in with your Google account
- click on the link in the yellow bar at the top of your screen to start the process of downloading your information and closing your Google Health account.
For more information, see our help center article at

If you have not retrieved your Google Health data before January 1, 2012, it will remain available for download from for an additional year, through January 1, 2013. Please note that during this period, functionality will be limited to downloading your data in ZIP format only and deleting your Google Health account; you will no longer be able to view, enter, edit, or print data. We may also find it necessary to limit or discontinue the ability to automatically transfer a copy of your profile to another health service, based on technical considerations.

For more details on the discontinuation of Google Health, see our blog post at, and see answers to frequently-asked questions at

Note: you will continue to receive periodic service announcements as long as you have an active Google Health account. If you do not wish to receive further announcements, simply go to and follow the process to download your data (if desired) and delete your Health account.

Thank you for your support and use of Google Health.

The Google Health Team

Deals and Offers

Why price differs so much even in deals. example for


Documents Required for Home Loan

IT returns
A home loan seeker will be required to submit a copy of IT returns for the last three years alongwith an assessment order

Residence Proof & Age proof
It is mandatory to submit documents relating to proof of residence, age, business and office address

Bank Statements
Bank statements for the last six months and salary slips for the last three months are crucial.

If self-employed
In case an applicant is self-employed or has his own business, he needs to submit certified copies of balance sheets and accounts of profit and loss for the last three years.

Property Documents
The home loan seeker also needs to submit copies of documents pertaining to the property that he proposes to purchase.

from #htestates

Friday, December 02, 2011

Mysql - Duplicate Table - ShortNote

This is shortnote ;

create duplicate table from commandline mysql client.

CREATE TABLE new_table_name LIKE table_name;

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

फोडा दत्ता नाम टाहो ...

My fav song lyrics from my fav movie देउळ .(Deool) 

here is trailer

फोडा दत्ता नाम  टाहो ...
दत्त दत्त  दत्ताची  गाई  गाईच  दुध  दुधाची  साय 
साईच दही  दह्याच  ताक ताकाच लोणी  लोण्याच  तूप 

तुपाची  बेरी  बेरीची  माती  मातीचा  गणपती  गणपतीची  घंटा  वाजे 
धण  धण   धण  धण  धण  धण 
दत्त  दिगंबर या  हो  स्वामी  मला  भेट  द्या  हो 
दत्त  दिगंबर या  हो  स्वामी  मला  भेट  द्या  हो 
या  हो  या  हो  दर्शन  द्या  हो  द्या  हो 
ओ  भक्ता  या  हो  या  हो 
नयनी  दत्त  शयनी  दत्त
भवनी  दत्त  भजनी  दत्त
दत्त  गोजिरा  दत्त  साजिरा 
दत्त  गहिरा  दत्त  हसरा 
सुखाच्या  स्वप्नाचे  स्वप्नाच्या  सुखाचे 
जनाचे  मनाचे  पापाचे  पुण्याचे 
रंजन  भरुनी  वाहुद्या  हो …
ओ  फोडा दत्ता नाम  टाहो ...
दत्त  दिगंबर या  हो  स्वामी  मला  भेट  द्या  हो 
 दत्त  दिगंबर या  हो  स्वामी  मला  भेट  द्या  हो 
काका  काकू  आजी  आई  सगळे  नीन  दत्तपायी 
कोण  मंत्री  कोण  भाई  सगळे  क्षीण  दत्तपायी 
कोण  गब्बर  कोण  शिपाई  दत्त  दर्शनाची  घाई 
nano त  दत्त  audi त   दत्त  टेम्पोत  दत्त  गाडीत  दत्त
कामात  दत्त  सवडीत दत्त  लोकात  दत्त  झोकात  दत्त
सुखात  दत्त शोकात  दत्त moving दत्त स्थावर  दत्त
एकाच सत्य  दत्त  दत्त  current bast दत्त  दत्त 
घरात  स्वस्त  दत्त  दत्त  भक्तीच  भक्तं दत्त  दत्त 
Life तू  rusta  body चुस्त  दुखाच  असत  सगळच  मस्त 
दत्त  दत्त  दत्त  दत्त 
मुलात  मुल  दत्त  दत्त 
फुलात  फुल  दत्ता  दत्ता 
किती  फूल  दत्त  दत्त 
नव  स्कूल   दत्त  दत्त 
पाडली   भूल  दत्त  दत्त  
Tension गुल  दत्त  दत्त 
Challing  दत्त  डार्लिंग दत्त 
समृद्धीच  पार्किंग  दत्त  मर्यादेच  मार्किंग  Datt 
Wireless दत्त  wi-fi दत्त  हाई  किती  hi-fi दत्त 
Ultimate power   datt datt
Ringtone दत्त  screensaver दत्त  बुकात  datt बुककॉवर  दत्त 
Download दत्त  server दत्त  micro दत्त  macro दत्त 
Synergy दत्त  energy दत्त  ज्याची  त्याची  मर्जी  दत्त 
भक्ताच्या  देवाने  देवाच्या  भक्तीने 
भक्ताच्या  देवाने  देवाच्या  भक्तीने 
Solid change   आणलाय  कि  हो …
ओ  फोडा दत्ता नाम  टाहो ...
दत्त  दिगंबर या  हो  स्वामी  मला  भेट  द्या  हो 
 दत्त  दिगंबर या  हो  स्वामी  मला  भेट  द्या  हो 
दत्त  दत्त  दत्त  दत्त दत्त  दत्त   
दत्त  दत्त  दत्ताची  गाई  गाईच  दुध  दुधाचा  tetra-pack
Tetra-packla MRP MRP ला  पैसा  पैश्याच  कार्ड 
कार्डला  credit क्रेडीटला  व्याज  व्याजाच  ओझा  ओझ्याला  दत्त 
दत्त  दत्त  दत्त  दत्त
एक  हम्मा  चार  doggy डोक्यामागे  वर्तुळ  foggy
अंध  पंगु  महारोगी  all टकाटक   जागच्या  जागी

Three-way facing दिव्य  मूर्ती  single सोडा  triple स्फूर्ती
ऑफिसची  position दत्त  दत्त  मुलाची  admission दत्त  दत्त

TV ची  audition दत्त  दत्त  बिल्डींगची  permission   दत्त  दत्त
नळाला  पाणी  दत्त  दत्त  पावला  लोणी  दत्त  दत्त 
फाटेल  गोनी  दत्त  दत्त  खेल  धोनी  दत्त  दत्त 
Tender पास  दत्त  दत्त  project खास  दत्त  दत्त 
सुटला  वास  दत्त  दत्त  धार  cosmos दत्त  दत्त 
मागेल  त्याला  मिळेल  दत्त  retail  मध्ये  wholesale दत्त 
करा  तुम्ही  सोसेल  दत्त  पाप  सगळी  ढोसेल  दत्त 
त्रीलोकाला  पोसेल  दत्त  झोप  तुम्ही  जागेल  दत्त 
पदोपदी  लागेल  दत्त  सगळी  भूक  भागेल  दत्त 
Everybody दत्त  दत्त
Say it loud दत्त  दत्त 
दत्त  दत्त  दत्त  दत्त 
Everybody दत्त  दत्त 
नश्तर  नाई   कोपेल  दत्त   मातीत  तुला  घालेल  दत्त 
अडकून  जाईल  file दत्त  career full-to spoil datt
दत्ताला  डोके  टेकलेच  पाहिजे  टेकलेच  पाहिजें

दत्ताचे रून   फेडलेच  पाहिजे  फेडलेच  पाहिजे
दत्ताला  डोके  टेकलेच  पाहिजे  टेकलेच  पाहिजे 
दत्ताचे रून   फेडलेच  पाहिजे  फेडलेच  पाहिजे
तिथ नाई इथच  पाहिजे  मंगरुळीचा दत्तच पाहिजे 
फोडा  दत्ता  नाम  टाहो 
दत्त  दिगंबरा या हो  स्वामी मला भेट द्या हो 
ओ दत्त  दिगंबरा या हो  स्वामी मला भेट द्या हो 
ओ दत्त  दिगंबरा या हो  स्वामी मला भेट द्या हो 
ओ दत्त  दिगंबरा या हो  स्वामी मला भेट द्या हो 

svn ignore from command line

Republishing from
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------
#      Ignore all the .txt files in the /trunk/Blah/ directory
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------

# Go to the directory
cd trunk/Blah/              # The directory with the files

# Start editing the properties for the current directory
svn propedit svn:ignore .   # Opens an editor (SVN_EDITOR, EDITOR)

# Add the following value with a new line, save, and exit:

# See that things worked
svn propget svn:ignore .    # So you can see the properties
svn status --no-ignore      # You should see an 'I' next to the ignored files

# Commit
svn commit -m "New Ignores" # You must commit the new property change

# ---------------------------------------------------------------------
#     Ignore a single file secret.txt in the /trunk/ directory
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------

# Go to the directory
cd trunk/

# Add just the single file to the current directories ignore list (like above)
# Note the dot at the end of the command is important
svn propset svn:ignore secret.txt .

# See that things worked
svn propget svn:ignore .    # Notice the single file was added to the list
svn status --no-ignore      # You should see an 'I' next to the ignored files

# Commit
svn commit -m "Its secret"  #

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Save Tigers, not Tourism

Republished From HT

India’s tiger tourism has not benefited the big cat nor the people living in over 600 protected areas in the country.
There have been studies which indicate that human presence disturb wildlife including tigers especially with relation to breeding. These studies, however, fail to specify whether tourism or those living in protected areas disturb the animals.
It is a gray area which needs further investigation. More so, in light of a public interest litigation filed in the Supreme Court by Ajay Dubey seeking shifting of tourism from core critical tiger habitats to buffer and fringe areas, a view endorsed by National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA).
The tour operators and lodge owners in wildlife areas have strongly opposed the move claiming that it will do more harm than good the tigers and people living in and around these protected areas.
The tour operators argument sound strange to me as they fail to present any evidence of how tourism has benefited tiger conservation and improved livelihood of the locals. Presenting a tribal from Kanha inMadhya Pradesh to showcase tourism has empowered locals is be-fooling. There is no data to show that they have directly shared revenue with any agency for benefit of tigers or locals.
Tour operators pay a ticket charge to enter tiger reserves but the money is charged from tourists. The tourism related revenue generated by the government is mostly used to pay salaries of forest employees, an indirect tiger conservation measure.
Tourism benefit to locals is minimal. Only a few locals living inside or around tiger reserves have been employed by lodge owners or drive vehicles ferrying tourists into the reserves. A vast majority still live in abject poverty even though tigers bring maximum earning for the government and lodge owners through tourism.
Per se, tourism is not bad.
But, the problem is how it is run in and around tiger reserves. Totally, unregulated and at the whims and fancies of foresters and owners of big lodges. There have been ample cases of forest officials increasing the number of permits to allow tourist vehicles inside reserves. Tigers have been allowed to film even when reserve had been officially closed.
I have seen this happen during my visits to tiger reserves in Rajasthan, Uttarakhand and Madhya Pradesh whereas local villagers were treated like theives by forest employees for collecting their basic necessity firewood. Reason, they don’t have money power like wildlife tour operators. It is also evident that government has failed to take action on lodges built in buffer zone of tiger reserves, a prohibited activity under law.
The public interest litigation is an opportunity for the government to enforce some regulation ensuring that revenue generated from tourism helps in tiger conservation and upliftment of poor in over 6,000 villages inside tiger reserves.
The environment ministry needs to quickly notify the eco-tourism rules, which makes sharing of 30 % of revenue generated through tourism with locals mandatory. For the record, a committee headed by former tourism secretary of India Sujit Banerjee had made this recommendation. If required, implementing these rules should be linked with providing Central government funds for wildlife conservation.
I know that tourism guys near tiger reserves are vehemently opposed to the idea and Vishal SIngh of Travel Operators for Tigers (TOFT) is willing to offer peanuts — maximum of five percent.
But, time has come to make them realise their responsibility towards the big cat, which brings high profile tourists willing to pay up to Rs 40,000 for a night, and locals, who have co-existed with these tigers for centuries.
For this, if tourism has to be banned for some time from scientifically defined core critical tiger habitats, it will not be a bad idea. It may be the way for the first pay back from the tourism.

Cafes for Breakfast in Mumbai

Published from Sunday HT

1) Pali village cafe

    Address: 602, Ambedkar Road, Pali Naka, Bandra (west)

    Menu: Waffles, pancakes with maple syrup, compote, bacon with cream and cheese, upma, frut

2) Le Pain Quotidien
    Address: Apollo Bunder, Colaba

   Menu: Granola  bowl, Belgian Waffles, French toast, granola parfait, strawberry compote

3) Out of the Blue
    Address: Near union Park, Hanuman nagar, Bandra west

Menu: Cereal, eggs, benedict, pnacake stacks,Waffles, croissants, doughnuts, muffins,french toast, cheese omlette, cold cuts, fresh fruit.

4) Suzette
    Address: 1A, Ground Floor, Atlanta Building, Nariman Point

Menu:  French crepes, curd with granola, creamy yogurt, organic tea

5) Chai Coffi
     Address: Beach Queen, JP Road, Versova

Menu: Waffles, crepes, french toast

Friday, November 11, 2011

Email From KingFisher

You matter.. On behalf of Kingfisher Airlines, I am grateful to you for your support and patronage of our services. I would like to take this opportunity to update you on recent developments at Kingfisher Airlines vis-a-vis media reports on our performance. As you are aware, the Indian Aviation Industry has been faced with the difficult task of coping with high costs and lower yields. Post considerable thought and deliberation, Kingfisher Airlines has rolled out initiatives that aim to drive the long-term profitability in our efforts to meet these challenges. As announced earlier, we have decided to focus on the full-service market; to this end Kingfisher Airlines has initiated reconfiguration of its aircraft. This exercise will require few of our aircraft to be out of service for the next few weeks. Ergo and in line with maximizing productivity we have rationalized our network, resulting in a temporary discontinuation of approximately 50 flights out of our current operating schedule of approximately 350 departures per day. Once the reconfiguration is complete, these aircraft will be pressed back into service immediately. Clearly the report about our flights being cancelled owing to the supposed exodus of pilots appears to be falsified. Our service commitment to you remains sacrosanct, and we have taken every measure to reduce any inconvenience caused due to the temporary changes in schedule. Please accept my sincere apologies in case you have been inconvenienced on this account; I truly appreciate your support, and thank you for your understanding. I look forward to your continued patronage and remain Anshu Sarin Vice President Guest Loyalty and Kingfisher Holidays

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Code Igniter - Setting Secure flag for Session

Php5 gives you ability to set secure flag with function setcookie, but codeigniter doesnt.

see 6th argument to setcookie.

It saves session with Encryption and using md5 but still security softwares objects your website because
non secure session.

I was searching for a while do it good way, but didnt find it, so I came up with this hack.

In CI_HOME/system/libraries/Session.php

Basically CI passes $secure = 0 as  a hardcoded argument to setcookie function.

I set this value to 1. one can write some more code to make it configurable thru CI config file.

With $secure=1, Session cookie wont be saved for domains accessed with

it only works with

Let me know if its issue or better way doing this.

All the best.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Venetian Honda - 2 Wheeler Servicing Center in Borivali East

Mr Bipin Shah(Proprietor)
+(91)-(22)-65145555, 65100115, 65661111, 65662222

Shakti Business Centre, Opposite Tata Steel, Dattapada Road, Borivali East, Mumbai - 400066

Landmark - Su-Swagat Hotel


If coming from Borivali E, Dahisar, take right towards Borivali west at magathane depo.
Coming from Kandivali - take right from petrol pump towards borivali west

Coming from Western Express highway towards borivali west, take first left.

Going to Western Express highway from borivali west, take right just before express way signal..