Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Story of Elephant

A king had 17 elephants. Then the king died. He had three sons. According to his will, the first son was entitled to one-half of the number of elephants, the second to one-third, and the third to one-ninth. The size of the share couldn't be changed. As 17 is an odd number, and difficult to share among the three, they were unable to find a solution to the challenge. Fortunately for them, a wise man was passing through their country. He was an old friend of their father's as well. The young men described their predicament and asked for his help. The wise man asked them not to worry and set about solving the problem immediately.

He added his elephant to the 17 elephants; they were now 18. He separated 9 elephants or one-half of 18, and gave them to the first son. The second son was given six elephants or one-third of 18. Lastly, the third son was given two elephants, two being one ninth of 18. The total number of elephants given away was 17 (9+6+2). The eighteenth elephant left was that of the wise man who took his elephant back and left, with everybody happy and satisfied. The last elephant is like maya: it came to solve a problem, and having solved it, it removes itself from the scene, leaving no trace of its previous presence.

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I see this wise man as Entrepreneur and last elephant as his Efforts to make things better and no emotions attached.