Friday, July 15, 2011

Linode - RAM, Disk resize, Linode upgrade

We are using for hosting. So far they have provided very good service and support is quick.

We started with basic version of Linode380. and as we are getting more load on server we wanted to increase capacity.

There are multiple ways to increase capacity..

1) We can buy extra RAM/Hard disk.
2) We can upgrade to New Linode.
3) Buy One more linode and redo setup on new linode.

We chose 3rd option as 1st was costly and in 2nd one, we are not sure abt what will happen to our data in upgrade process.
also we wanted to upgrade our Operating system also.

After that we experimented some things on Old Server, here are observations..

1. Resize RAM (in case you upgrade only RAM)
You just need to reboot your system. You will see extra RAM added after reboot.

2. Resize Disc
no data loss and downtime 5min, system need to shutdown, then you resize disk and reboot. After reboot, you will see disk capacity increased.

3. deploy New linux distribution
We have Ubuntu 9 server installed, We wanted to use Ubuntu 10.04, after deploying new distribution, it automatically created partiition and deployed new Ubuntu there. We have our old data intact in old deployment.

4. upgrade from 512Linode to 768Linode # TBD on 15/07/2011
1. System shutdowns
2. Auto Migration of OS happens - it takes around 5-10 minutes for full migration. Data remains intact. but better have backup

feel free to ask if you need clarification on any point.