Friday, June 28, 2013

Ecommerce - Buying Experience - Electrolux Microwave Oven Online from EzoneOnline

Finally I made up mind to buy Microwave oven, it was long pending demand from Home ministry but due to policy paralysis and  home budget deficit was larger, couldnt make decision like GOI :)

I do detailed research when it comes to shopping, so in my first survey, I visited Vijay Sales, Foodbazaar, Next & Croma. I liked electrolux 23 l model and decided on that, Vijay sales store has listed arnd Rs. 7999 price but I asked him to reduce the price so he finally agree to give me at Rs. 7500. And Vijay sales guy was giving me glass vessle set along with Starter kit for free.

I thought I may get better deal at other stores. I went to Foodbazaar in Baner, there same model was placed which was priced arnd at Rs. 6500 but tragedy was that no one knew where the box was and no starter kit. and it was the only piece lying there in dust. so I ditched that. at croma and next price was on higher side. Next guy quoted 9.9k which is too high while croma guy quoted arnd 8k. Reliance Digital didnt have electrolux item in their store.

Meanwhile I was also searching for online deal, Ebay and Flipkart was selling at higher price while Homeshop18 has at cheaper rate but it item was out of stock.
Ezoneonline was offering 15% discount so final price came to Rs. 7200 which was the cheapest one. so I decided to go for Ezoneonline. I also wanted to try out online shopping experience.

Webportal was good, It sent me order emails and informed me that item will be delivered in 7 days. but item got delivered in 2-3 days. so far so good.  but their was glitch. As per my research, we should have got starter kit with oven. but they didnt send starter kit. Market price of starter kit is around 1.2k.

I thought it may be with Electrolux to give us starter kit, so I called electrolux, they quickly responded saying that they will send a person for demo and starter kit. but demo person told us that starter kit only can be obtained from Dealer.

So I tried calling ezoneonline number, but it was unreachable. so I emailed them
They responded by saying that kit will be delivered in 4 days. I had go to bangalore for 4 days trip after 2-3 days but kit didnt get deliver. After coming from bangalore, I again emailed ezone support, this time they replied that due to bad weather, they didnt ship the item, it will be shipped next day. but nothing happened. so after daily followup on email, We finally got starter kit afte 14 days of purchasing item and we could start using oven.

Moral of story is dont buy from Ezoneonline, instead go for vijaysales, you can negotiate and get better deal and you can also negotiate face to face for extra freebies. Best is you can go for local small shop owner, they will give you much better deal.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

ECommerce - Experience of buying from PrintVenue

I recently bought a small item from PrintVenue. Its online-printing e-commerce company. Just want to share my experience of this process.

I  interacted with PrintVenue a year back when I wanted to get some visiting cards printed for my wife. They took the order initially, I paid online but they declined to send visiting card with reason that they print Visiting cards only for registered businesses not for personal use. They also refunded my amt.

This time again, I got engaged with them for similar reason, this time I noticed that they were offering a visiting card holder with personalization. It was 250 rs but they were offering at Rs. 200 with Rs. 50 discount.

I chose one steel card holder, It looked nice in the images/photos. I personalized it. at purchase time it add Rs 50 more as delivery charges.  I was thinking weather to  buy or not as it was charging almost 25% as delivery charges. so I just went to home page. but noticed that some Sale is there. I found that they have some coupon for this item. I again started to process and applied the coupon. with coupon, I got the discount and final price of item remained with Rs 200, no additional delivery charges due to discount. I was happy.

There delivery process was wierd, they keep sending sms for 2 days telling abt delivery but Item received after 5 days of purchase.

Quality of item was not that good. Quality of item is not as shown in pictures on portal. I dont think I will do purchase from PrintVenue in the future.