Saturday, May 01, 2010

Pollard ko itna late kyun bheja?

Today Gangadhar kids were playing against relatively stronger uncle's team. Uncles are all in mid twenties so do not exactly fit to be called uncles but kids are actual kids between 5-14 age group so no option. Even I am an uncle for these kids.

So this uncles team blasted 50 runs of 5 overs. with New rules and DLF maximums, allowed in the ground. they were completely overshadowed. so big score to chase and uncles team being stronger on bowling side too, cut through their batting line up
to take all wickets for some 10 runs. then somehow I shifted my self from fielding team to batting team as I fielded for them for 2-3 balls. as I know how these kids are sensitive to winning the games, I have no option to start aggressive,
so I started wiith 2 sixes of 2 balls, suddenly baccha camp was all excited and started shouting Pollard,
so I got in more enthu and hit one more boundry next ball... and the comment came on..
"Arre lekin hamne pollard ko itna late kyun bheja?", (originally in marathi, अरे पण, पोल्लार्डला एवढे लेट का पाठविले? ) With perfect timing and context and with such a innocence that kid spoke,
I just cant stop blushing :) as this is the sentence was on everyones mouth a week back when MI lost to Chennai in IPL,
and at End everyone has this question..."Why do they sent pollard so late?" as pollard blasted 22 in 5 balls still mumbai lost, so Gangadhar kids..:)