Saturday, May 26, 2007

Dog Fight

I do came to conclusion that animals do have their special language.. reason behind this follows..

there was funny incident happened at my home. last week, we had a small function at home.
we named my nephew, "shishir".

Mr. Shishir More...our next generation.

so funny incident goes like this...function was going great. we have a dog , big dobberman at our home. don't go by its dengerous look. its really cooool dog. my dog wokes us in the morning or informs us whenever someone comes to our home... mast kutta hai...

our dog was suffering with pain in leg. dog was not able to walk. we called up doctor. and doctor putup a nice bandage on her right leg. but after that she was able to walk.but she preferred taking rest.she was lying quitely at her favourite corner. then bunty(my other nephew) took her for walk. as she is a dog who believes in Gandhian philosophy :). We never put chain and belt in her both were roaming around. I was busy with taking snaps at party. suddenly I heard people shouting and someone asked me to look outside..I can't believe my eyes. our dog brutally attacked our neighbourhood dog. she caught that dog's right leg and was pulling his leg. that dog was crying helplessly. it was too brutall attack. somehow managed to pull our angry dog away from that poor dog.

actaully after thinking a bit other day about this funny incident (definitely not funny for other dog) ..I did inferred nice reason behind this dog fight..:) reason goes like this...our neighbourhood dog must have teased my dog about her broken that she gave him punishment by breaking that dogs leg which was exactly right leg..
"eent ka jawab pathar se.." hehehehehe ...more conversation..may be during initial fight with bho..bho...conversion
might have happened like this...

other dog: hey crippled dog (teasing...)
my dog: don't talk like this..or mein tera peyr(legs) tod dunga..
other dog: chal dikha pair todke...
my dog: yele tod diya....(after pulling other dog's leg apart) :))

so i think its not only human who only can tease and fight with each other..the animals do similler things too...found it very very amusing...:)) if one able to understand language of animals...or even of dogs. kafi maza aayega..

Wednesday, May 23, 2007 in metro

yesterday watched this movie. although it was tuesday..just on dinner made a quick plan to watch this movie with tanveer. also think money worth spent as really enjoyed..
performances from Konkona and irfan. alsoit reminded me of the 4-5 months of working life i spent in mumbai...
although movie based on relationship, it was not appealing overall...