Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Transfer of vehicle to Pune from other state - updated on June 02/08

So after getting NOC from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, Next step was to re-register bike in Pune, I needed to deal with RTO, Pune, Maharashtra, Compare to hyd RTO, I found pune RTO to be much clumsier, full of agents, no PRO to get information with. still able to get information about what to do.
When I went to RTO, I was surrounded by Agents, who were demandeing 2000 Rs apart from all other taxes. I think doing it yourself should be much better as it does gives you experience of working with government offices. also after doing all hard work while getting NOC from hyd, I thought this should be miniscule task. so Wanted to do it myself.
After enquiring further, I came to know that person called Mr. Pazze handles all matters about vehicle outside Maharashtra, So I went to him and He handed me a document listing all the following. He is key person in carrying out this whole work. He will describe you whole procedure with very cool head and seems to be quite nice guy.
  1. NOC from original state where vehicle belongs(in my case Hyd, AP). 2 copies original
  2. RC book original, registration card
  3. Vehicle Insurance
  4. Invoice receipt – vehicle purchase dealer receipt
  5. Entry tax , in case when you bring the vehicle before 30 months of registration date.
  6. Address proof where you are staying currently with photo
  7. Affidavit of non-stolen vehicle by registered owner
  8. Form. No 26,27, 20,33 . you will get these forms free at rto.
  9. Pencil chassis print – 5 original
  10. NOC from Police Commisioner pune.
  11. Registration fee- 320
  12. 7 % for invoice cost as registration
You can refund previous paid tax by applying at Hydrabad.
He asked me to get the affidavit on 20 Rs stamp paper. so I went outside, was inquiring abt affidavit, one person demanded me Rs 200 per affidavit and I asked some other person he was taking 100 Rs so I asked him to do the work. so while having conversation with him, I came to know that He also had reregistered his vehicle but through agents and in turn paid quite big amount to get the work done, he was happy knowing that I am doing work myself not through RTO agent.
In pt. 10. to get NOC from Police Commisioner pune., you need a letter from RTO. You will get this letter from Mr. Pazze, after showing him all the above docs, after verifying docs, he will give you a letter from RTO to Commissioner of police, You need to give it in Commissioner of police office with xerox of NOC from hyd, and residential proof. and after 7 working days you will get the NOC from Pune police. The concerned person is Mr. Chavan. He will issue you NOC in 10 minutes, if everything is ok.
Then you need to submit all of above docs to Mr. Pazze and he will check the things and you need to get assessement done from counter 30/31( i think). then after getting how much amount you need to pay, you need to pay tax at counter 23/24 (i think..). and then re submit docs along with receipt of tax payment to Mr. Pazze. He will ask you to see him after 1 and half months.
So till now, it took around 2 weeks to get this much work done.
So finally I got my docs back from RTO officer, after that I had to go to alandi office to acquire a sign from RTO officer who checks the vehicles and gives you back the paper which takes 1 hours.
Now I need to give this docs back to RTO and get New maharashtra registration number and then apply for tax refund from hyderabad office.
I have written this blog in 2007. RTO procedure might have underwent some changes. if any of you go to RTO and find something is changed, I do request you to add comment or post link to your blog to help people who read this blog.
please post comments, if you have any queries. also if you know anything more than whats written here, please let us know. we would like to hear from you.

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