Saturday, October 22, 2011

Online Bike Insurance renewal for lapsed policy

The is piece of information I would like to share is, in quick:

If your bike insurance is lapsed and you want to renew it, you can do it online using ICICI Lombard.  - 

I am proud owner of Honda unicorn, which I bought in 2004, first big purchase from my own hard-earned money. I lost my insurance papers somehow and was got caught by police twice and got fined.

so I was desperately looking to renew it, when I enquired with friends and with bajaj, they said I have to go to local insurance office to get it renewed as policy is lost or expired. However after long search, I couldnt find insurance office nearby.

But luckily I had information about my last policy, like  date at which it expires and policy number.

ICICI lombard & bajaj offers online renewal.

I tried to do it thru bajaj first but I got stuck somewhere it between and asked to approach local office.

Then I decided to try ICICI lombard, It has very painful user interface, compare to Bajaj allianz, but it did
serve my purpose, I just keep giving information on each page, finally It shown me my premium amount.

and was asked to pay. Online payment flow also has trick, they dont have Axis bank listed (I think due to competition)  which forced me to use my credit card to pay amount.

and after few moment I got my policy in pdf format, they said , they will send hardcopy to my address but they didnt sent it , still waiting for it.
As of Now, I am using print out of soft copy of insurance.

One of my friend it was costly. but for me, Getting Insurance is biggest thing, Now I can drive freely anywhere in city.

I did third-party insurance for Rs. 730, my bike is 7 years old.


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