Monday, November 18, 2013

Who will vote for UPA in 2014?

Why shouldn't these people vote for UPA in 2014?

1) people who have bought properties/multiple flats in around 2004-2008. Now property prices has becomealmost 4x to 20x. Turning many of these guys into crorepaties. Similar rise in rates didn't happen in the past.and whole value chain consisting of brokers, banks agents, bankers got benefitted from this.
2) people who got benefitted from many new kits and iims. Although currently these new kits doesn't have facilities and faculties. But w damn care for all this and end of day and life what matters is brand IIT and IIM. One more stamp which provides extra value in job market, shadi market.
3) land owners in various remote regions where land values are suddenly 100x ed. Turning many farmers in labourers.
4) Execs who became rich just due to policies and not due to their hard work.

I guess more such categories would exists, feel free to add those in comments.

I don't know what is the share do they form in overall voters, they should and will certainly vote for UPA.

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