Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Idea - Multiple Recruiter Dealing and Discovery Platform

While running a startup, you deal with lots of interesting problems. Recruitment is one of the interesting and toughest problem to solve. My guess is Startups are not alone facing this issue, they have company of others as Hiring an appropriate candidate which matches employers expectations is one of the biggest challenge for any enterprise, be it a startup or established enterprise.

A funny analogy, There is a popular belief that It is tough for guys who are in startups to get married but its half truth. If you open your eyes and sharpen your ears, you see (and hear all the gossips) that getting married is one of the toughest problem current generation (of marriageable age) has been facing,  It doesn't depend on whether you are in startup or your are earning crores in a big company. It nonetheless exists, for anybody having achieved or not achieved anything in life and having some expectations or not.  
Regular expression of Match Making for marriage won't find a correct or suitable match easily - Me
Same is true for Recruiting, Recruiting is another kind of hunting, every company and every candidate thinks they are special, they need special treatment. so in turn, making it difficult for each other. Hunting and Finding Correct Candidates is difficult ballgame altogether. - NP Problem.

Jokes Apart, I guess every problem has some solution if parties involved either takes a step forward. 

Here is short description of Problem  :-
1) Any company who wants to  recruit for certain position is highly dependent on external recruiters, specially companies who don't have in-house HR.
2) Single recruitment consultancy may not be enough and recruitment consultancies don't want to work with companies who has tie ups with multiple recruiters. #catch22
3) Its very difficult to find correct recruiter who has expertize and experience in gauging candidate before it was presented to employers #HuntTheHunters
4) Many recruiters are ladies who may take job off due to marriage and can work alone due to prior experience but doesn't have easy way to get back to work and utilize their skills.
I Propose (a Toast here :) ) solution :-
1) A platform where recruiters can enlist themselves and get the work. Similar to freelancer programmers websites
2) Recruiters enlist themselves and choose job profiles for which they can do recruiting or have expertize and network.
3) A company interested in hiring for some position will log on to this portal and choose recruiters who are claiming expertize.
4) Company can choose more than one recruiter, while recruiter will see how many other recruiters are assigned with hunting task.
5) Recruiter on finding candidate will submit name of candidate to check if its already proposed by any other recruiter if not, he will submit his candidate for job.
6) Company will see list of candidates with recruiter name.
7) Platform can do auto-grading of recruiter and employer according to selections or number of relevant candidate proposed by recruiter.
8) On this platform, anyone who want to do freelancing can enlist themselves and get the work.

If you are recruiter or employer, Let me know what do you think about this? Have I figured out correct problem?

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