Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Salesforce1 Platform - A Short Overview

Few days back Salesforce.com, a leading On-Demand CRM provider, announced its new Salesforce 1 Platform. With CRM as a core offering, Offering platform which will help businesses to make their company as Customer Company.

Now What does Customer Company Means?
With Salesforce1, Your business would be :
  1. Customer First
  2. Customer Driven
  3. Customer Centric
  4. Customer Focused
  5. Customer Trusted
  6. Customer Company

 With salesforce1, you connect your Customers, Employees, Partners and Product, It makes you connect with customers in a whole new way, a Mobile way, anywhere anytime. 

With Mobile Strategy, Salesforce1 is introduced as an mobile container to create an mobile application for your own purpose.

Sales Cloud :- Sales From Anywhere with Salesforce1
  • Assign tasks while you are travelling
  • Add opportunities while waiting at launge
  • Create new leads in Parties/Meetups
  • Submit forecast on your way back to office
  • Everything accessible from mobile device
  • Create contacts on the Go.

Service Cloud : - Service and Engage faster with Salesforce1
  • Always on Customer
  • Manage cases from anywhere anytime
  • Collaborate with Customers
  • scheduling followup tasks

Salesforce Admin App :- No Desk & Assist from Anywhere
  • Remotely reset password
  • Deactivate users
  • Know about Maintenance updates

Now with Salesforce1, You can add functionality in your Mobile App in few hours. Instead of spending few thousands/million dollars into creating an Mobile Application for your Organization, Use Salesforce1. To Download, Click Here. Its great application built by Salesforce.

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