Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Research - Push Notification in Mobile Ecosystem in 2011 - Whats in Market - Part 8

Whats In Market

Various Push Apps on Apple Iphone

Update: I have taken this from some other article as it is. 'I' or 'me' used below is not 'sandip'

Market Pulse

While the apps that currently use push notifications are handy, I hope that developers will take this opportunity to do some things above and beyond your typical “message waiting” notifiers. E*Trade, Zillow and a few others get the idea. I’m waiting for the app that allows me to get notified of anything I decide I need to be notified about. With all the open APIs out there today, it’s bound to come along.

Things that need to be pushed :

1. Allow me to be notified when my car or house alarm goes off.
2. Google, let me be notified of a new Google Alert I have set up.
3. How about instead of giving me a big vibrating brick of plastic at the restaurant while I wait for a table, let my phone connect to your system and you can ping me instead.
4. I’d also like to know immediately when albert hits another grand slam – or when any other sporting event I’m interested in occurs.
5. What about when I need two days of rain-free weather, within specific degrees, in order to paint a fence or deck. Should I really have to check the weather forecast every day? I’d rather have an app that did the work for me.
Sooner or later, push notification of almost anything will be a reality, making our digital lives even more real-time. What type of alerts would you like pushed to your iPhone?
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